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Royally Theirs (Risqué Royals) by Dee Ellis – Free eBooks Download


Being married is part and parcel of being royal. I got the perks of going to the best schools, being catered to my entire life, and knowing one day I could take the throne. Being a Duke means I will likely never become King and yet I must carry myself as one. Up to being married to a suitable wife who will bear me children to be my heirs.
I might not love my wife, but I will be a good and true husband.
Besides we need to get along for just a few nights, long enough for her to give me an heir. At least that is the plan—until I get a taste of my new bride. I become insatiable for her with one hit of her sweetness.
Duchess Charlotte might think our marriage is fake—but what I feel for her is anything but.

I never wanted to be a princess. I never even wanted to be a bride.
When I find out I am not just going to be married after my twenty-first birthday, but to a duke, I am less than happy. Sure, my mother always told me we had royal ties but we lived in Silver Shores, there was no royalty here. I never believed the stories about balls and coronations and the majesty of it all.
They can force me to get married, but they cannot force me to love my husband.

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