Royal Bastard by Nana Malone (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Royal Bastard (Royals Undone #1) by Nana Malone – Free eBooks Download


Lucas… Don’t get in trouble, they said. Don’t cause an incident. Oops. I might be a newfound prince, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to say goodbye to my days of freedom. So when my brother, the king, asks me to babysit a diplomat’s daughter, my first thought is to say no… that is until I see her climbing out of a window with her dress tucked into her thong. She might just be my kind of girl. I just thought I’d mix business with pleasure…I didn’t plan to lose control of my heart.

Bryna… I’ve been groomed by my parents to climb the social ladder all my life and I’m done with it. I want nothing from their royal world. Now that I’m finally on my own, I can live where I want, date who I want, do who I want. The one person I won’t be doing? My new accidental roommate. Oh, he’s gorgeous and mysterious, and cheeky. He’s also friends with the king and a total jackass. So basically, he’s never gonna get it…famous last words.

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