Rough & Dirty by Nicole Edwards (ePUB)

rough dirty, nicole edwards

Rough & Dirty (The Jamesons of Coyote Ridge #2) by Nicole Edwards – Free eBooks Download


One night. Rough, dirty, and so hot, it was a wonder the barn didn’t burn down from the heat they generated.

If Stone Jameson were writing a letter to his younger self, it would go something like this: Don’t waste time leaving. You have everything you’ll ever want already.
Unfortunately, Stone didn’t have the ability to warn his younger self, nor could he get the last fifteen years of his life back. He could, however, return to the last place he’d experienced real happiness—his hometown of Coyote Ridge.
It takes mere days for him to realize that all the years he spent trying to forget the night that had altered his perception of himself were in vain. It takes a single glimpse of what he left behind to bring it all back: the potent attraction, the intense connection, and the longing permanently etched in his soul.

Getting absolution for his mistakes might be impossible, but when a second chance presents itself, Stone knows that determination and persistence are the only tools he needs to build the solid foundation he’s seeking.

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