Roses for the Damned by Bella Durand (ePUB)

roses damned, bella durand

Roses for the Damned (Wicked Creatures Tales #1) by Bella Durand – Free eBooks Download


They would burn together, or they wouldn’t exist at all.

She was cursed from the start, destined to hang for a crime she did not commit. The only way to save herself was if she gave her body to the one man she detested – Florent, the lecherous mayor’s son and a persistent thorn in her side.
But fleeing becomes harder than Rose thought, for there are other, more sinister creatures lurking in the dark.

Some monsters hide in plain sight, others watch from the shadows, waiting and biding their time to strike.
They call him the Keeper of Souls – a demon so wicked that Hell itself spat him back out, damning him to an eternal life of solitude in the house of God. Bitter and vengeful, his slumber is disturbed by her – mortal woman as stunning as she is pure. Her innocence and beauty drive him wild, turning his curiosity into a maddening obsession.

He must have her, and nothing will stop him from claiming her. Not even his cold heart made of stone.

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