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Rory (Bad Boys of Hockey #3) by Violette Paradis – Free eBooks Download


Although being the captain of the Seattle Blades isn’t easy, it’s intensely rewarding.
The only thing lacking in my life is a personal relationship… and dating apps aren’t helping.
But when the only woman I’ve ever loved—Maverick—moves back to Seattle after a long absence, I’m reminded of how much I still love her.
Seeing her reminds me of the incident that caused us to break up—the same incident that put me in juvie.
What she doesn’t know is that I’ve been keeping a secret—the same secret I’ve been keeping since we were teenagers.
Can I finally find salvation for what I did? And, more importantly, will Maverick forgive me?

After moving back home from serving overseas, I’m confronted with a ghost from my past — and that ghost is the tall, handsome Rory Edgar—professional hockey player and professional heartbreaker.
Although I’m trying to avoid him as much as possible, life has different plans.
His dazzling blue eyes and possessive personality tempt me into reliving the past, but all I want is to look ahead and put the pieces of my life back together.
But the more I see Rory, the more I’m starting to believe that maybe he’s the piece that’s missing from my life…
The question is… am I willing to re-open old wounds to find out?

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