Roommates with the Bad Boy by Josie Max (ePUB)

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Roommates with the Bad Boy (Bad Boys on Campus #3) by Josie Max – Free eBooks Download


My new roommate was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. But if I tried anything with her, her brother vowed to destroy me.

I was on the verge of losing my grandmother’s home. The only thing I had left from the women who raised me. Between bills, paying tuition for school, and my boss threatening to fire me unless I did what he liked, I desperately needed cash. In walked the answer to my money prayers, my new roommate. He’s big and bossy. Was it weird that I really liked that?

The only way I could attend college was if I had a scholarship. Thankfully, I was a talented artist and got several art scholarships. But one scholarship changed its mind on me and took away my option for on-campus housing. Now I needed to find a place to stay off campus, and fast. I totally lucked out as I found a room to stay in the home of the most gorgeous girl I had ever met. The only problem was her brother. He allowed me to stay in his sister’s home but on one condition: I don’t ever touch her.

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