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Room Four: Playing with the Big Boy (CLUB SIN) by Matilda Martel – Free eBooks Download


I know how to play with the big boys— I’ve been doing it all my life.

When you have two older brothers, you fight for your rightful place in the line of succession.
But boys will be boys. Just when I think I’ve beaten them, my brothers pick up their ball and go home. They sell their stake in my father’s company to our greatest nemesis and leave me to fight alone.
I’m forced to turn to the enemy—the Valerian brothers, Vlad, Ilya, and Maxim, the new majority shareholders with more money than God.
With so much on the line, I’m not above playing dirty and using my feminine wiles to win back my company. Except these boys play a different kind of game.
I think I’m falling for one, but they come as a package. Three men? What will I do with three men?
Sensing I’m titillated by their offer, they take me to Club Sin, a place to bare our souls and explore our deepest desires. It’s scandalous and sublime but I convince myself it can’t last. But it does. There’s no way around it.
Soon, I can’t separate lust from love, and the only boys I want to play with are the ones who own my heart and always let me win.

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