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The straight rich jock would never date his family’s gay hired help, right?

Crushing on the town’s star football player is a bad idea for a few reasons. One, Logan’s straight. And has a girlfriend. That alone makes anything between us impossible.
Two, living in the guesthouse with my family on his parents’ estate, I’m really just the unnoticed lawn guy. Our social status difference is night and day.
Those reasons are now irrelevant, because I’m determined to get over this pointless infatuation I’ve harbored for Logan Kelley for years. He’s more of a jerk than I realized.

There are three things people know about me. I’m a Saints tight end. My bank account stays fat with cash. I have a girlfriend, Jules.
What they don’t know is that I’m gay, and Jules is actually my childhood best friend who’s been doing me a solid in a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Colton Lockhart has been the one person I’ve wanted, but he doesn’t know that. When I come home for a week during the summer, I’m ready to tell him and have it all planned out. Except I immediately blow my shot with him.
It’s safe to say that although years of playing on the field have made me a seasoned athlete, in relationships… Well, I have zero experience in dating. Or anything else for that matter.
I hope he’ll chalk it up to a rookie mistake and give me another chance.

*Rookie Mistake is a low angst, high heat Sugar Land Saints novella that takes place where book three ended.

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