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Romancing the Storm (Magnolia Point) by Rose Bak – Free eBooks Download


He let her go once, but this time he’s playing for keeps…

I fell in love once, years ago, but when our careers took us to different parts of the country, we decided to break up. It was the biggest mistake of my life. No other woman has ever come close to touching my heart the way Avery did, and at some point over the past twenty years I decided to give up on relationships. Now I stick to one night stands and focus on my true love: emergency medicine.

My mama always told me not to trust a man who would make you choose between him and your career, and she was right. It broke my heart leaving Mitch all those years ago, but I had to pursue my own dreams. I’ve risen up through the ranks of the male-dominated field of Disaster Planning and I finally have the job of my dreams: Statewide Emergency Manager. Being back home in South Carolina is going great, at least until I head to Magnolia Point to evaluate the community’s disaster plans…
A tiny little accident sends me to the hospital and I run right into my first love. Literally. Mitch is even better looking than he was when we were younger – and even grumpier. But I’m not going to let him dim my sunshine, and I’m definitely not going to kiss him again, no matter how much I want to. But when he joins my Disaster Task Force as a way to get closer to me, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to resist the stubborn doctor.

A storm is brewing between them, but can they escape undamaged this time around?

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