Romancing the Rude Guy by Lisa Freed (ePUB)

romancing rude guy, lisa freed

Romancing the Rude Guy (The Matchmakers #5) by Lisa Freed – Free eBooks Download


He went to the one place where he couldn’t get in any more trouble,
He wasn’t counting on being alone with his best bud’s sister,
And the last thing he wants is a baby!

They told me to get out of the city,
So I took myself off to the middle of nowhere,
I wasn’t expecting to stare temptation right in the face.
My buddy’s doing me a favor here, and he’s made it clear his sister is out of bounds,
If I give into the chemistry between us, I’ll be confirming every worst stereotype about me,
On the other hand, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge…

Ash might be a superstar hockey player,
But on my ranch, he’s a city boy without a clue.
I can’t help staring, even though I want to murder him when he opens his mouth,
And he may be a walking red flag, but I’m not heeding the warning.
I told myself I could protect my heart and have fun,
How is he going to react when I tell him I’m having his baby?

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