Romancing the Feral by Gail Koger (ePUB)

romancing feral, gail koger

The Oath of Seduce (Ivankov Legacy Edition #1) by Mya Grey – Free eBooks Download


Much to her parents’ delight, Zadie’s angelic appearance and unique psychic abilities won her the title of master thief by the time she was twelve years old. Zadie wasn’t so elated, she hated stealing.
Her parents’ life of crime was how they ended up on Gliese, the hellhole of the galaxy, where every day was a fight for survival, and the inhabitants would slit your throat for a scrap of food, or a bottle of clean water. Zadie’s innocent appearance hides the feral warrior she’s becoming.
Jedrick, commander of a Coletti battle group, is stunned to discover this dangerous child is his future mate and it’s a full-time job keeping her alive. Will she live to see twenty-one?

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  • The Oath of Seduce – Mya Grey ePUB



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