Rolling with my Best Friend’s Brothers by Sylvie Haas (ePUB)

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Rolling with my Best Friend’s Brothers (Eggplant County Roller Derby) by Sylvie Haas – Free eBooks Download


If I call their bluff, am I prepared for them to call mine?!?!

My best friend’s three older mountain men brothers have been the stars of my fantasies for years.
To be clear… I’ve always prioritized my BFF because I don’t want her to have to kill me for secretly obsessing over them.
But then a massive storm traps me and her brothers at their house. They overhear me on a camgirl call with a cringy guy they presume is my boyfriend, and the swoony brothers offer to show me how real men treat a woman.
I know they can’t be serious, but my desire not to upset my best friend wavers.
I boldly test the waters, taunting them about their offer, expecting them to say they’re joking.
But the more I taunt, the deeper we get.
Soon I’m left with one big question… What will we do when the storm blows over and my best friend finds out?
If you love dirty-talking men who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman, you’ll make sure the camera is on, too!

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