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rokhan, veronica scott

Rokhan (Sectors New Allies #18) by Veronica Scott – Free eBooks Download


Cinnthea Damone was kidnapped by alien scientists who assigned her to a rogue Badari Alpha as his unwilling consort. Rescued by the other Badari packs, she’s now living in Sanctuary Valley and doing her best to fit in. She makes the Badari uncomfortable and the humans gossip about her. The improvements she suggests in various areas like the Stores are rejected and cause more animosity. Only one Badari Warrior becomes her friend but the abuse she suffered under the late rogue Alpha makes her wary of allowing any closer ties. The situation becomes intolerable and she flees the valley.
Rokhan, enforcer of the South Seas pack, realizes too late how much Cinnthea means to him and that she’s not merely a friend but his fated mate. When she leaves the valley he insists he be allowed to go on a solo hunt to retrieve her.
Aided by the Badari goddess, Cinnthea has gone much further than anyone would have dreamed possible and found a surprising haven far to the west. She learns a secret which the enemy will go to any lengths to uncover. When Rokhan arrives to take her back to the valley and proclaims her to be his mate, she’s torn between what her heart wants and her fears fueled by her past experiences. Can she overcome her trauma and find a future with Rokhan? Can they survive what the enemy plans?

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