Rogue Scot by Tammy Andresen (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Rogue Scot (Brethren of Stone #4) by Tammy Andresen – Free eBooks Download


His heart has been turned to stone…
After the death of his twin brother, Matthew Sinclair has no room in his life for love. Especially not for a spoiled little tart who thinks she is too good for him. Lady Bridget McDougal is half English and all snob. The woman can’t even manage to say thanks when he saves her life. Nor does she express any gratitude as he changes his plans to deliver her safely home. He can’t wait to drop the little princess off and be done with her forever.
Matthew Sinclair is a heathen and a rake, a degenerate and a lout. She’d keep going but why waste her breath? He does nothing but sneer and brood and act as though it was her fault their ship wrecked on rocks and his precious schedule was interrupted. Can she help it that she nearly died as her father shipped her off like an unwanted sack to her English relatives? She will be so glad when this entire ordeal is over.
Except when another storm hits with a vengeance, she can admit one thing. She’s safest when next to Matthew Sinclair. Would she be even more protected in his arms?

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