Rogue Mafia Angel by Lenora Wilde (ePUB)

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Rogue Mafia Angel (New York Renegades #2) by Lenora Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Selina has survived so much – drug addiction, sex trafficking, exploitation and abuse – but it’s what comes after she’s free that might hurt her the most.

When I first meet Selina, I see so much of myself in her. A recovering addict, trying to leave behind the shame of what’s come before, with a past on her tail she can’t escape. And, though her walls are up at first, they start to fall when she sees that I’m serious about caring for her, despite the mafia violence in my past.
But her ex-pimp, Stefano, isn’t going to be so quick to let go of her, and soon, she’s drawn back into the world she’s tried to escape. But can she make the choice to get out for good? Or is she resigned to her unthinkable fate?

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