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rogue god, esme taylor

Rogue God (Gods of Melody #3) by Esme Taylor – Free eBooks Download


My job is to protect. To lay down my life to save the lives of others.
Except, once upon a time, I failed and the people I loved died.
And now I’m here. Head of security for the Cosmic Gods. Protecting four of the most famous rock stars on the planet.
While I will watch them all, my eyes are drawn to one in particular.
Frankie, my Rogue God.
No matter how much I crave her, how often my hands reach for her skin or my lips ache to taste her, it can never happen. I don’t deserve to be happy. I can’t risk anyone else getting hurt, and I can’t do my job if I’m fixated on her.
I stay away to keep her safe. But what if the one thing I fear most in the world happens again? I mean, lightning can’t strike the same place twice, can it?
Can fate really be that cruel?

The world has their eyes on me, but I feel invisible. Until him. He sees me, he listens, he knows what I need, what I crave. And what I crave is him.
But I can’t have him. He’s made that perfectly clear. So, we agree to be just friends. But I’ve never had a friend like this. One where the heat of his touch burns like a supernova. One that feels like a relationship.
Although, like all my other relationships, this one ends with my heart broken, blown apart like shattered glass.
I can’t ever forgive his lies. No matter how often people tell me to listen to his story. He’s had years to explain.
In a flash of light, everything changes. I should have listened. But as the warmth leaks from my body, I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to hear him out and change the ending to our story.

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