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Rock Bottom Romance by Diane Holiday – Free eBooks Download


Bankruptcy can drive a girl to drastic measures, like leaving Hollywood to star in a low-budget camping reality show. Crystal Lovechild despises the grouchy man who runs the campgrounds. He’s condescending, arrogant, and…hot. One glare from him and she sizzles like butter on a skillet. Doesn’t matter because they are complete opposites. All she has to do is survive two months, revive her career, and get back her life.

Zach Stone has nothing in common with the pampered diva, who shows up and brings chaos to his camp. He wants her gone and has a scheme to make her high-tail it back to California.

As Crystal and Zach spend more time together, each grasps that the other isn’t what they thought. Crystal realizes Zach hides a soft side under his gruff exterior. He’s nothing like her pretentious Hollywood boyfriends. Before she knows it, she’s questioning how much she really wants to go back to her fake world. And Zach sees that she’s spunky, determined, and has deeper layers beneath her glamorous façade. He’s in trouble because if she doesn’t leave soon, he’s in danger of falling for this fallen star.

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