Rock and a Hard Place by Maggie Mayhem (ePUB)

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Rock and a Hard Place (Possessive Monsters #4) by Maggie Mayhem – Free eBooks Download


My Fake Gargoyle Fiancé
So, this is rock bottom. Not only did I lose my job and my apartment, but now, an ultra-secret snow leopard shifter group wants me to marry a guy I never met and have babies to save our species. And they’re coming in three days to take me away.
Cue me getting smashed alone on a Thursday night. That is until the world’s sexiest, brooding stranger walks in, all sharp angles and hard lines. He’s massive and covered in muscles, and his mesmerizing green-gray eyes has my knees turning to jelly. In a moment of brilliance—or perhaps it was the gin and tonic—I ask him to marry me.
I wake up in Gunnar Redrock’s luxurious penthouse suite. It’s supposed to be a charade, but the line between fact and fiction gets blurrier the more time I spend with him. Our marriage may be a sham, but these feelings are the real deal.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the only way forward might land me with a broken heart.

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