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Rig’s Ward (Savage Legion MC #4) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes, a heavenly blessing needs a badass guardian, even if he’s a bit on the fallen side…
As a former preacher, I used to ramble about God’s mysterious ways. Now, I’m living that sermon.
Just when I’m knee-deep in the sh*t, drowning it out with booze while feeding prospects some wisdom, in comes Mattie – a godsend with chocolate curls and the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen.
Since crossing paths with her, I’m hooked, and it ain’t just about looks. Mattie, taking charge at CPS after her boss kicked the bucket, is on a mission to rescue missing kids and take down the syndicate. Nothing spooks her; she’s a damn warrior, much like I used to be back in my military days.
I know a sweet angel like her won’t want a battle-hardened, cynical bastard like me, but I can’t just watch from a distance, like some sick old f**k, with those syndicate assholes circling her. So, I’m in, ready to protect her and the teen she’s fighting for.
But can my old combat skills keep Mattie safe? And what happens when the kid we’re trying to save becomes family we can’t let go?
It’s a twisted ride, but damn well worth it…

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