Right Wrong Shifter by Isa Medina (ePUB)

right wrong shifter, isa medina

Right Wrong Shifter (Good Bad Magic #2) by Isa Medina – Free eBooks Download


Good witch by vocation, bad witch by reputation.

Things are going great! I survived the sabotage of my witch shop and a murder attempt, my business and personal life are thriving, and Ian’s estranged half brother and local shifter alpha wants me to make him a dark magic potion.
Okay, maybe not that great.
Turns out, Hutton has been keeping a huge secret, and he needs dark magic to keep it that way before a group of visiting “friendly” alphas figure out something’s up and make a move on his territory.
Problem is, the kind of potion Hutton needs is well beyond a good witch’s power, and if I don’t figure something out, not only will the pack lose their home, but Hutton will blame me and take my shop and dreams down along with him.
With time running out, what’s a witch to do but shore up on affirmations, involve a certain bounty hunter who doesn’t want to get involved, and bend a few rules?

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