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right on time, marian pattechat

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She is too busy for love. But right time or not, the winged hunk in her doorway is there to take her on a space trip. To the altar.
Chloe is running late for a meeting that can make her dream job a reality. She has worked too hard to let anyone stop her from getting there. That includes the alien warrior standing in her doorway and talking nonsense with a seductively deep voice. Some matchmaking AI has found the love of her life? As if. She has to leave for space to marry an extraterrestrial commander? Right. The purple hunk better get his hot buns and impressive wings out of her way, because Chloe has no time for his fated mates mumbo-jumbo.
Nitiel can’t believe his first job on Terra involves the most obstinate female on the planet. Protocol requires he address her as lady, but this Loe is no lady. She is outspoken, feisty, and questioning the will of the Goddess expressed through the Intergalactic Alliance’s AI. But, the treaty between her kind and his is clear: Loe must board his spaceship so he can take her to Commander Siriniel of the Swirling Horn Clan. The law is the law. Even if it means Nitiel must keep his hands off the most captivating female he has ever encountered.

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