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ride with me, joanna blake

Ride With Me (The Delancey Brothers #2) by Joanna Blake – Free eBooks Download


I’m the bad seed. The black sheep of an uber wealthy family. But the salty waitress at the club isn’t impressed by my family’s wealth or the scars I earned in a never ending stream of bar fights.
I’ve been on the outs with my wealthy family since my wild teenage years. But now they need me back to help run the famous Delancey horse stable that has been in the family for generations.

Elle is a waitress at the Country Club in Brentwood, the exclusive neighborhood outside of Nashville. She’s here to sing, not sling hash. When I nearly get her fired by trying to get into her pants, she hates me on principle.

But I’m the one who can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous Irish girl from the club. When I start to chase, she has a hard time ignoring me, despite her dislike for so-called spoiled rich boys. I usually doesn’t like to stick around, but this time I don’t want to run.

When I finally catch her, she’s the one who risks breaking my heart, not the other way around.

The Delancey Brothers are back and better than ever! With all new editions of Jake, Daniel, and Jackson’s stories, as well as a longer prequel story for their sweet cousin Pheonyx Delancey. Enjoy!

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