Revenge on her Arrogant Guardians by Chloe Kent (ePUB)

revenge arrogant guardians, chloe kent

Revenge on her Arrogant Guardians by Chloe Kent – Free eBooks Download


They’re drop-dead gorgeous, well according to every other female on the planet, but not to her. No, to Paisley Lloyd they’re overly confident, infuriating, and arrogant to boot.
Three years ago, when she turned nineteen, thanks to her brother and a cat––long story––her brother’s best friends became her guardians.
Since then, Paisley Lloyd has been cursed.
She can’t keep any friends around, because eventually they fall head over common sense for her three bossy guardians after just one smile from them. Ugh!
When it happens again, this time with someone who had the potential to become the perfect BFF, and who then decides she can’t be Paisley’s friend anymore because it hurts too much, them being her guardians and everything, Paisley decides enough is enough and embarks on an elaborate, rather outrageous, and somewhat diabolical plan of vengeance on her guardians to teach them a lesson for turning all her friends into lovesick puppies for them.

Everything goes according to plan. Until it doesn’t.

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