Returning to His Highland Love by Adamina Young (ePUB)

returning highland love, adamina young

Returning to His Highland Love (Highlands’ Games Of Power #6) by Adamina Young – Free eBooks Download


A decade at sea could not put out the spark between them.

When Malcolm Duncan, the Laird’s son, proposed to Ainslee, it was the happiest day of her life. Little did she know, it would also turn out to be the worst one as well; the ring her sweetheart gave her that day is the only thing Ainslee is left with when Malcolm disappears.
For ten years, Malcolm has sailed the seas turning into a fierce sailor, second in command to a fearsome Captain. As suddenly and mysteriously as he disappeared, the Highlander returns to his homeland, finding the face he would recognize after a hundred years at sea.
Ainslee can not believe her eyes. Seeing her long-lost love through the crowd, the lass feels her heart breaking once more. Unable to hear Malcolm’s story and risk trusting him again, Ainslee pushes him away.
However, the lass has no idea that being torn away from her was the hardest thing Malcolm ever had to endure. The Highlander returned to reclaim his birthright, but finding Ainlsee still unmarried, fills his empty heart with hope for a chance to claim the most important thing he lost: his true love.

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