Resolution by Avery North (ePUB)

resolution, avery north

Resolution (Fight for Love #5) by Avery North – Free eBooks Download


Their past has one last sinister surprise in store…

Terrified at the thought of losing Jake forever, Amber becomes dead-set on rekindling their love and finally fulfilling their dream of being a happy family. Postponing their wedding to a later date, Amber focuses on helping Jake recover from his close brush with death and spending more time with him at their picturesque cabin.
But when they discover their cabin mysteriously broken into while on a family trip, it soon becomes clear that something strange is afoot. Their past isn’t willing to let them go just yet. Plagued by Corrine’s attempts to break their relationship apart, Amber and Jake must fight harder than ever to keep their love alive despite all the things they’ve been through together.
And after a DNA test brings with it an exciting surprise – and a shock revelation – Amber is thrown head-first down a path she doesn’t want to take…
Will Amber and Jake’s romance be strong enough to weather the coming storm? Or will the latest discovery tear them apart for good?

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