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rescuing stitch, ellie masters

Rescuing Stitch (Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists: CHARLIE Team #2) by Ellie Masters – Free eBooks Download


When I was a little girl, I had a lot of dreams. Being at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list for cybercrimes and terrorism against the United States of America was never one of them. But isn’t that how life works? I got cocky, and that made me sloppy. Now, I’m doing the time. Twenty to life is what I expect to get slapped with at my sentencing later today.
Instead, an organization I’ve only heard whispers about in the darkest corners of the web throws me a lifeline – or a leash, depending on how you look at it. Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists, of all people, force me into their ranks. I’m the tech genius turned forced hero, a role I never asked for and certainly never wanted.
Adapting to this new ‘righteous’ path is like wearing shoes on the wrong feet. And as if hacking for the good guys isn’t enough of a culture shock, I’m assigned mandatory self-defense training with one of their grunts. Jeb, they call him. More brawn than brains, or so I initially think. He’s a towering mass of muscle and Guardian pride, a stark contrast to my keyboard-warrior physique.
Our training sessions are a clash of worlds – his physical prowess meets my sarcastic resistance. But as we spar and sweat, something shifts. Against all logic, I find myself drawn to him. Jeb’s not just a wall of muscle; there’s a sharp mind and a gentle soul hidden beneath that Guardian exterior. His unexpected depth and the way he sees past my defensive facade kindle a flame I thought was non-existent.
Falling for Jeb is like stepping onto uncharted territory, dangerous yet thrilling. He challenges me, not just in physical combat, but in every preconceived notion I’ve held. With every grueling training session, our banter becomes something more – something real. Yet, how can a relationship blossom in a world where trust is as fragile as a house of cards?
As I navigate the treacherous waters of Guardian life, cyber warfare, and a budding romance with Jeb, I start to wonder if perhaps my life has taken the right turn after all.

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