Rescued By the Surly Woodsman by Haley Travis (ePUB)

rescued surly woodsman, haley travis

Rescued by the Surly Woodsman (Wolfe Mountain Men #1) by Haley Travis – Free eBooks Download


Be careful out in the woods.
You might run into the love of your life.

What an incredible nature walk… until I end up lost and hurt.
I’m stuck. Helpless.
I think it’s a bear lumbering toward me, but no… this guy is even grumpier. Surly, even. Barrett seems to soften a bit around the edges when he sees that I’m not the average loud, littering tourist.
This handsome older man doesn’t seem to realize he’s so sexy I can hardly breathe. He’s as massive as the mountain, and nearly as quiet. His tree trunk arms feel like my shelter, and his soulful eyes possess a stillness that I find inspirational.
He’s extremely protective. Almost too much. And he definitely wants me.
This wild lust overtakes us both, but it seems too quick to be something everlasting.
Could this gorgeous mountain man truly be obsessed already?

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