Rescued By The Alien Boss by Alina Riley (ePUB)

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Rescued by The Alien Boss (A Mate For The Luraella Traders #3) by Alina Riley – Free eBooks Download


An auction of creatures in a lawless space station…

I don’t care how nekrozzros should get their mates. That’s not for me. As a space traveler and bounty hunter, my life is too dangerous for a mate. My crew and I, that’s all.
In a space station, I run into creatures auctioning kidnapped creatures. I don’t like this.
I get into trouble, this isn’t the first time and this won’t be the last time.

Only dummies believe that aliens exist. I get this stupid article assignment to write up about alien sightings. At least this is a paid gig. I arrive at the park, but then… When I wake up, I’m in a strange place.
Am I kidnapped? I hate to keep getting smacked in the head. When I have a chance, I attack and fight.
There is this very strong and very sexy creature with stupid horns and scales who says that he is here to help me. Does he think I’m that dumb to believe that aliens exist? I’ll grab him by the horns and tear down his costume.

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