Rescued By Daddy by Cassie Hargrove (ePUB)

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Rescued by Daddy (Serenity Stables #3) by Cassie Hargrove – Free eBooks Download


There are a lot of things I pride myself on. Being a good man is one of them, but a certain someone is close to destroying every rule I have ever made for myself.
She’s turning me inside out, and I feel powerless to stop it. Everything about me is changing to meet her needs…but the odd thing is, I don’t hate it. ‘
I actually feel like she uncovered the final piece of me. Now, I just need to find a way to keep her.


I hate men. They’re abusive and commanding. They only care about themselves, and that’s just the start.
I’d rather be celibate than trust anyone again, and that includes the youngest of the Easton brothers.
He has a reputation that I have every intention of staying clear of. I just need to wait for these final few months until I’m eighteen, then I’m out of here.
What was never a part of the plan was having to live with him during the final few months in Haven Hills. Even less a part of the plan? Staying after I turned eighteen.
There are things no one knows about me, things I’m not sure even the younger Easton brother can handle. But for the first time, I finally feel like I have a home. I just have to make sure my secrets don’t destroy everything…

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