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rescue, lois autry

Rescue (Carter Brother #1) by Lois Autry – Free eBooks Download


In the small mountain town of Piney Grove, dreams of Olympic gold are dashed when Miles Carter’s entire world suddenly comes tumbling down. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Penelope Collins struggles to find her break as a pastry chef with no support from her overly controlling fiance.
Miles, the second of four brothers, now dutifully runs the family sporting goods store. He has settled comfortably into a life of monotonous routine, that is, until Penelope Collins returns home.

When the zany Nana Mabel takes a fall, there’s no one else she’d trust to handle her cafe than her granddaughter, Penelope. What was supposed to be a few weeks soon becomes an opportunity of a lifetime, and Penny must choose: the big city career she’s always pictured or the quaint hometown she thought she’d grown out of.
Focused on their careers, the last thing Miles and Penny expect is to find love, but they can’t deny their connection from the moment they set eyes on each other. While Penny finds her sense of belonging in Piney Grove, Miles is forced to confront the secret he’s kept buried for so long.

When the dangers of the mountains threaten to repeat history, Miles is once again faced with a past he can’t seem to escape, but he isn’t the only one in need of a rescue.

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