Replacing My Ex by Jordan Silver (ePUB)

replacing my ex, jordan silver

Replacing My Ex by Jordan Silver – Free eBooks Download


When her husband, the man she’d dated since middle school, cheated on her because she couldn’t bear his children, Amanda felt the worst betrayal she’d ever been dealt. After a year spent going along with the mistress’s rules about her place or lack thereof in the affair baby’s life, she had enough and called it quits on the relationship that she had foolishly thought could be salvaged. Now she’s started a new life in a new town where she meets the man who would change her life forever.
Thunder fell in love with Amanda when he first saw her two years before, but after learning that she was married, he thought there would never be a chance for them as he had no intentions of going after a married woman. So imagine his surprise when he walks into the new bakery in town to find that she’s the new owner.
Sparks fly when these two finally get together and the once broken woman finds that there can be life after betrayal..

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