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Renegade Angel by KC Freeman – Free eBooks Download


A warrior for good. A soldier for Heaven. A heart of gold. A body for sin.

A guardian angel for centuries. He battles the demons and monsters in the dark so humanity can pretend they don’t exist. But being a guardian angel isn’t all divine love and light. Sometimes the human side of his nature needs to feed his own lustful appetites.
An orphaned psychic now fully grown into a strong woman—no longer a damsel in distress. The rodeo was the one place she could finally escape her dark past and hide from her supernatural abilities. She is seemingly destined to remain the comical rodeo clown, but Fate has a mind of its own. And Fate likes to stir up trouble.
Called to the Midwest to save a rodeo clown, the guardian angel is shocked to discover the child he once saved from monsters has blossomed into a ravishing beauty with a strong spirit. But something stronger, and more sinister, has come calling and it means to use the gifted psychic to inflict chaos and mayhem on all in its path.

Can the Renegade Angel save the woman of his deepest desires, or will his carnal weaknesses doom her to servitude as a vessel for evil?

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