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Rejected & Hidden (Quinn Romance Adventures #6) by Cami Checketts – Free eBooks Download


***Rejected & Hidden is an updated version of The Forbidden Bodyguard: Quinn Family Romance. The book has been redone for continuity and a fresh look for the series.***

An actress in hiding. An army hero who shattered her heart. His only chance to win her back.
From the time she was fifteen years old, the well-known movie star, Kim Heathrow, has dealt with a vicious stalker. The only time she felt safe was in the arms of Colt Quinn. When Colt breaks her heart, she flees to Costa Rica, not only to find peace from her stalker, but to try to escape the deep pain Colt caused her. When Colt shows up five years too late to protect her, she’d rather face physical danger than risk opening her battered heart to him again.
When special ops agent Colt Quinn thinks he sees the love of his life in the arms of another man, something inside him snaps. Bouncing from girl to girl, he desperately tries to forget Kim, but his hearts yearns only for her. When the truth comes out five years too late, he searches earnestly for Kim so they can make amends and rekindle their love. But when he finds her, she wants nothing to do with him, and he worries he may have lost his only chance to earn Kim’s trust back.
Thrust together in the paradise of Costa Rica, Kim and Colt finally have a chance to make up for lost time—if Kim can find courage to open her heart again. Will Colt ever be able to regain her trust, or will old wounds keep them apart?

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