Reject Omega by Jarica James (ePUB)

reject omega, jarica james

Reject Omega (Dark Haven Omegaverse #1) by Jarica James – Free eBooks Download


Don’t trust anyone… at least that’s what the voices say.

Omegas are supposed to be quiet and submissive, not talking to monsters that no one else sees.
When I find myself on the wrong side of the law I’m sentenced to Dark Haven Institute, a place the judge put me to be forgotten. The broken omega who can’t function in society can’t be fixed, after all.
Only Dark Haven is nothing like I expect. This building has secrets that make my hallucinations seem like fairy tales.
My inner demons are getting worse every day I spend here. Something evil is lurking in the night and calling my name. To top it off, I’ve found my mates.
The only problem is that in order to form a pack, we’ll have to survive the hell unfolding around us.
Too bad no one survives Dark Haven.

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