Regret: The Price of Truth by Tania Joyce (ePUB)

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Regret: The Price of Truth by Tania Joyce – Free eBooks Download


Regret kissing my best friend?…Hell no!
Regret losing my best friend?…Hell yes!

Lexi has been my roommate for seven years.
We had an unbreakable agreement. We will always just-be-friends.
But I didn’t want to play by the rules anymore.
We hung out with celebrities and superstars. Our best friends were Everhide, world-famous rock band.
But we’re still waiting for our Make-it-New York dreams to come true.
Drumming was my life, but so was Lexi.
She was my sidekick, my shoulder to cry on, that true friend I could rely on.
Whatever hell I go through, she’s the only light in my darkness.
I had a bold plan to change our futures . . . in Boston. New city. New career. New life.
But she wanted no part of it. Her ex destroyed her heart, making her afraid to change.
Damn . . . I should’ve never kissed her.
Never told her I loved her.
Now she won’t talk to me. She’s shut me out.
I won’t lose her over some stupid kiss.
Can I reset the clock and go back to being just-friends?
Deep inside, I know that’s not possible. I want her too much.
I’m leaving soon. What will it take for her to forgive me?
Or will I regret kissing her for the rest of my days?

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