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red's protector, carol dawn

Red’s Protector (Once Upon A Forever #1) by Carol Dawn – Free eBooks Download


Hello. My name is Red. And I would like to tell you a story about how I fell in love. Now, it doesn’t have a very romantic beginning. Or middle. But the ending? Well, it’s happily ever after, of course.
At least, I’m hoping it will be.
You see, I’m not your average girl. In fact, I’m not entirely normal.
The people in the valley call me a witch, but I’m not. Really, I’m not. I just like to be left alone.
And, maybe, when the moon is full, I like to walk outside naked and howl with the wild creatures.
Like I said, I’m not normal. But that doesn’t make me a witch.
That doesn’t stop the people in the valley from treating me like one though.
Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.
This is the story about how I fell in love. And, then almost died. Multiple times. Hmm, maybe this witch part is sort of important. I’ll let you decide.
Well, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
Once upon a time…

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