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Redemption (Dark Desires #3) by Kourtney King – Free eBooks Download


Love is supposed to conquer all. With love, you can overcome the obstacles thrown your way. No matter how ugly or gruesome, love will endure to the bitter end. That’s what Valerie believed – until now. The man that she tried to keep herself from falling for had somehow managed to force his way in and before she knew it, she had given him her heart. If he believes walking away now is what’s best, he’s wrong. But she refuses to beg. No matter how much it hurts. If he wants to leave, then she won’t stop Vladimir from going.

After getting rid of the bad guy, you’re supposed to get the girl. That’s how it works unless your name is Vladimir and everyone calls you The Impaler. Vlad knew from the moment he met her, from the moment he felt their connection, he should have stayed away. Women like her would only get hurt by associating with men like him. He can’t change the past, but he can allow Valerie to have a normal future. A future free of the danger he brings. He vows to let her go and seek redemption for the woman that deserves it the most.

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