Redeemed By The Nanny by Auri Edwards (ePUB)

redeemed, auri edwards

Redeemed By The Nanny by Auri Edwards – Free eBooks Download


Allison Rein has always been passionate about photography, but her father, Mack, considers it a mere hobby and insists she get a “real job”. When she’s hired as a nanny for the daughter of grumpy billionaire Ellis Makarov, Allison is forced to put her dreams on hold.
Ellis is difficult to work for, but Allison’s patience and kindness win him over. As they grow closer, their feelings for each other become undeniable. But when Allison quits due to Ellis’ grumpiness, he realizes he can’t live without her and begs her to return.
As their relationship deepens, Mack stands in their way, giving Allison an ultimatum: choose between him and Ellis. When Ellis shows Mack that photography is indeed a “real job” and buys Allison a studio that becomes wildly successful, he believes he’s removed the last obstacle between them, but has he?

Will this unlikely couple win her father’s blessing and make their dreams come true together?

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