Red Flags & Tuesdays by Nordika Night (ePUB)

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Red Flags & Tuesdays (Weekday Weirdos #1) by Nordika Night – Free eBooks Download


Waking up to his one-night stand trying to flee the scene, Reid sits back to enjoy the show. This blond boy is all snark and quick-wit, but there’s an awkward side to him that intrigues Reid enough to want to con him into a second date. After numerous failed attempts, Atticus reluctantly agrees to an on-the-spot date, and things get quirky from there.
A philosophy major and a wayward son, these two work through their differences, battling red flags and a slew of Tuesdays that have them bonding in ways they never saw coming. There is no normal way to date Atticus, and Reid soon learns that this ‘romance lover’ has no idea what romance is, but he’s willing to put in the work.

Reid is taking back his life. Atticus is taking back Tuesdays.
Together, they’re a brilliant disaster.

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