Red Flag Bull by Elena Dawne (ePUB)

red flag bull, elena dawne

Red Flag Bull (Spice in the Mountains #4) by Elena Dawne – Free eBooks Download


The warning signs were there…
Nobody loved her.

And maybe I shouldn’t have either.

But I was young and stupid. A sucker for the pain in her beautiful eyes.
I dragged that sad little princess under the trees and claimed her with a love that ruined us both.
I made her mine.
And had I known she’d vanish and leave me heartbroken, I would have chained her to my bed and bred her hard before she thought to run.
The untamed wilds of the mountains haven’t felt like home since she left, and there aren’t enough distractions in the world to keep me from missing what could have been.
Now, two decades on, she’s come crawling back.
I’ve never wanted to discipline her so severely, but she’s more broken than ever, and I’m torn between giving her hell and giving her what she needs — a second chance.

I’ve successfully dominated every other aspect of my life, is it finally time to return my firm hand to romance and master the one that got away?

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