Reclaiming Lola by Kylie Kent (ePUB)

reclaiming lola, kylie kent

Reclaiming Lola (Valentino Empire #5) by Kylie Kent – Free eBooks Download


⚠⚠⚠This is a dark romance containing scenes that could be triggering to some. This is not for the fainthearted.⚠⚠⚠

They want me to be her. Lola.
I’m not though. I haven’t been that girl for the last ten years.
My childhood was stolen from me.
And the monsters who took me, they make the devil look like a saint.
I was nothing more than a slave, trapped in a nightmare with no way out.
They say I’m free now, that I’m safe here. Safe with my family.
My mind, however, it’s still back there.
Trapped in the dark, damp cell.
He claims he’s here to help me heal my subconscious. To get me back to being Lola.
But men are all the same.
No matter how kind his smile is, I know it’s only a matter of time before Dr. James takes what he really wants.
What they all want. My body.

Dr. James
She’s a patient.
A mafia princess.
Someone I’m being paid a lot of money to help.
Her trauma is unlike any I’ve ever encountered,
her mind a twisted jungle consisting of nothing but the monsters who haunt her.
It took one look at the girl to know I’d do everything in my power to get her to reclaim the life they stole.
To show her that there’s a rainbow at the end of her storm.
And it took one week to know that, in fixing her, I might just break myself.
Cross the one line a doctor should never breach.
When she peers up at me with those broken doe eyes, it takes everything in me not to wrap my arms around her and never let go.

This is a standalone romance within The Valentino Empire Series. You can enjoy this without having read the previous books.

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