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reckless magic, evie hart

Reckless Magic (Haven Lake Cozy Mysteries #2) by Evie Hart – Free eBooks Download


Haven Lake’s famous summer festival is here—and so is another dead body.

Two months after solving the murder of the Head of the Witch Council and almost dying in the process, Avery Thorn has re-settled into life in Haven Lake.
Snow is still ornery, Aristotle is still playing Scrabble in the attic with Lady Barnacles every night, and Grandma Cherry is threatening to cross over if her binding spell isn’t lifted.
As the new historical tour guide for the influx of visiting paranormals, Avery doesn’t have the time to worry about her ghostly grandmother. She has enough on her hands between the grumpy Detective Dax Sanders, her new friendship with future werewolf alpha Cameron Martinez, and one persistent elf who won’t let her get out of a dinner date.
Until she finds a dead body in the cemetery on the first night of the festival.
A dead body that isn’t supposed to be there—and it belongs to the visiting werewolf alpha’s daughter.
With the town on lockdown, Avery knows it’s only a matter of time before the pack from Haven Bay get involved and things go crazy. Between her, Nicole, and Dotty, they have to get to the bottom of this as quickly and easily as possible.
But where the Thorn witches go, havoc is sure to follow…

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