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reborn a queen, evie ellis

Reborn a Queen (Lost Goddess #1) by Evie Ellis – Free eBooks Download


A princess, too many knights, and a beast that wants something from me.

The gods banished Aurora from the Upper World, but I was implicit in that happening. Now we are onto yet another life, but as always, the Dark King followed us. He hunts her in every life and it turns out this one is no different. But this time I am going to kill him.
For I am her protector, and I promised her the next life would be different.

I finally escaped my life inside the Oak Perimeter and the scrutiny of the kingdom. Unfortunately, I now have bodyguards, or Knights as they’re called. One group includes my ex-boyfriend Carter, and his gorgeous friends Seb, Ryan, and Kane. The other group are Carter’s two sworn enemies, Jack and Blake.
And to be honest with you, the choice isn’t as easy as it seems. That is because of a feeling I have that this isn’t the first time I’ve met some of these men; there’s something there, a deeper connection, one that I need to work out what that is.

And these Knights already know about the beast that frequents my dreams, telling me he is the Dark King and he will kill me if I didn’t allow them to protect me. But I’m not sure because when a demon comes for me, the Dark King surprises me by asking me to use my magic, not hide it. He encourages me to show him who I am.

Which is hardly the actions of someone wanting to kill me. Is it?
I have to think that through, because my parents made a wrong move, and I didn’t want to meet the same fate. I just hope when the monster finally shows himself to me, I’m as powerful as I suspect I am.
I won’t be his next victim—at least I hoped not.

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