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rebel devotion, anna joung

Rebel Devotion (The Firehouse #5) by Anna Joung – Free eBooks Download


I had a rule about staying away from men until I met one I couldn’t resist…
As a struggling artist, I don’t have time for men or relationships.
I’m focused on making a name for myself.
Then, I met Rebel.
His name alone spells trouble.
Rebel is a too-hot-for-his-own-good firefighter who gets me riled up with his intense stare and a dirty mouth.
He’s also a total manwhore and he has a rule: he doesn’t commit.
Even more red flags!
When he offers to be my male model for a project, I should refuse but…
He’s offering to do it for free.
How hard can it be to keep my legs closed to a hot playboy who also happens to be a hero?
Pretty damn hard as it turns out.
When I get a glimpse of the man beneath the devil may care exterior, I give in to his charm.
The passion and chemistry between us are combustible.
But Rebel throws me for a loop when he asks me to do him a favor.
Be his fake fiance and live with him so he has a better chance of gaining custody of his son.
Wait…what? There’s no way I’m putting myself in that crazy position.
But, the deal he strikes does offer me a few advantages…

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