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realm of monsters, eve roxx

Realm of Monsters by Eve Roxx – Free eBooks Download


Framed for murder. Sentenced to the Realm of Monsters. Will I ever find my way back home?
I’m having the best steamy fantasy when a SWAT team bursts into my apartment and arrests me.

Accused of a crime I didn’t commit, framed by a faceless man, I get sentenced to life in prison. Soon, I discover it’s all a ploy to make me disappear and use me for a monstrous experiment.
The next thing I know, I’m placed inside a machine and transported to another realm, a strange place where nothing is as it seems, a place three awful monsters inhabit.
Sawyer. Branson. Lucius.
They’re surprised to find a woman in their midst. For a long time, it’s been only them. They think there is no escape and want to hold me to their whims.
Whims that pull me toward them and make me crave the limitless pleasure they have to offer.
But I can’t lose sight of my need for revenge and longing to go home, even if these monsters have opened up a world of gratification like no other.
As secrets are revealed, I must mold the realm and the monsters to my will, but what if I succumb to their urge to fulfill my every desire? What if I can’t regain the freedom I also crave?

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