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Real Men Love Curls (Curvy Ever After #2) by Kat Baxter – Free eBooks Download


For me, Chloe is the one. The one I’ve always wanted. The one I can never have. The one I’m secretly in love with.
Why can’t I have her? Because she’s my best friend’s little sister. Oh, and he’s my boss and he’s practically the only family I have. So, yeah,she is permanently in a no-fly zone.
Until one fateful weekend when I find out that Chloe is a virgin and that she’ll do anything to lose her v-card. There’s no way I’m letting her pick up some random, not when I am more than ready to do the job myself.
But once I cross the line into that no-fly zone, will I ever make it back? Will I even want to?

Yeah, sure Jake is the one … The one most likely to mess up my plans to lose my v-card—the damn cockblocker!
Okay, so he’s hot. Like, the hottest guy I know. But he’s also my brother’s best friend. The grumpy guard dog standing between me and a little bit of personal freedom.
That is until my brother goes out of town and I make plans to take matters into my own hands. That’s when Jake does the last thing I ever expected: He offers to punch my v-card himself.

I know he’s just trying to keep me from making a mistake he assumes I’ll regret. He doesn’t realize that he’s a mistake I’ll never regret!

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