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rami, samantha wilde

Rami (Chosen Few #1) by Samantha Wilde – Free eBooks Download


The moment he found her was the moment he lost himself . . .
16 days of captivity.
The amount of drugs pumped into Ivy Hastings starved and beaten body should’ve been enough to kill her. Instead, a man breaking into her hellhole of a prison might be what stops her heart.
His rough, dark and dangerous tattooed face is enough to promise death. She tries to stab him with a nail, but he’s too quick. Releasing her bindings before she can blink.
He’s not the same man who injects fiery drugs through her veins, day after day.
No, this man is different.
His clear blue eyes ensnarl her heart. His large, warm body is a safe haven she forgot existed. Every time she’s gifted with the intensity of his gaze, she forgets the four dirty walls she almost died in.
He’s an angel cloaked in danger. A dark angel that saved her soul.
And he stirs something untouched inside her.
Rami Mitry turned down the job.
He’d been convinced, but not for the right reason.
He’d done it for money. He was no hero.
But as Ivy’s life teeters in the balance, he prays to a God he’d never been sure of until now.
Ivy’s emerald green eyes possess a strength that he’s never witnessed—even on the battlefield. Somehow, she remains unbroken, and his admiration for her quickly flames into an inferno of desire.
But the Cartel is close.
Too many men were killed while rescuing her. The Cartel won’t stop until they’ve gotten retribution.
Rami might have saved Ivy from a life of slavery, only to bring her to a quicker death at the Cartel’s hands.
This is no longer an act of abuse—it’s warfare.

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