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Moxie Stone had a plan when she came to New Orleans. She was going to launch the most successful bar on Bourbon Street, collect her accolades, and then move to a bigger market. She had her eye on the prize…and then he hijacked her launch.
Augustus “Gus” Kingman is one of those Kingmans. He has more money than Moxie. He has a pedigree. He has parents who are willing to throw money at a problem. What he doesn’t have is Moxie’s drive.
They’re supposed to hate each other, and they’re convinced they do. They’re also drawn to one another with alarming regularity.
Some things are inevitable.
Moxie has a secret. There’s a reason she goes to Jackson Square to feed the homeless every night.
Gus has a complex. There’s a reason he wants to launch this bar on his own, no parents in sight.
Apart they’re strong. Together, though, they just might be unstoppable.
Now they just have to get out of their own heads and embrace the future.
That’s easier said than done.
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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