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raise heat, cassia leo

Raise the Heat (Beastly Bosses #2) by Cassia Leo – Free eBooks Download


Breaking up with most demanding chef in Manhattan was the end of my career. But after six months of unemployment, a job working for my ex’s twin brother—also a chef—is my only option. Is it just me or is it getting hot in this kitchen?

All it takes is one teeny-tiny, totally catastrophic breakup, and I’m blacklisted from the highly competitive Manhattan restaurant scene.

It’s bad enough I was forced to give up my hard-earned sous chef position and start at the bottom by taking a job as a hostess. But just when I think my life couldn’t get any worse, I find out my new boss is my ex-boyfriend’s twin brother.
My new boss, Ethan Thorne, is just as insufferable and gorgeous as my ex. And when his strong hands are trussing a chicken, I can’t help wishing I was the one being tied up.

There’s just one very big problem.
I promised my father — who’s funding Ethan’s new restaurant — I wouldn’t jeopardize the project by getting involved with my new boss.
If anyone finds out I’ve been taste-testing dessert sauces off Ethan’s…utensil, I’m totally forked.

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