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Raath (Alien Gladiators of Sikoda #2) by Madison Savage – Free eBooks Download


“I’m not capable of love, human.”
“I don’t believe you, gladiator.”

When she’s abducted from Earth and sent to a hellish prison where she’s forced to sing the gladiator fights, Jessica knows almost immediately which gladiator she’ll be singing for.
If she has to have a protector and a prison mate, it’s going to be the big Corsikavan with the haunting silver eyes and the scarred face.
Since Tarik’s escape, Raath is the best of the Sikoda Prison gladiators, and the wardens want to give him a female who will help him survive the brutality of the gladiator’s life. He has four years left on his sentence–and four years is a long time when one’s spirit starts to die.

He needs Jess as much as she needs him.

But with a fondness for human females and enthralled by Jessica’s voice, Warden Kavath dives headlong into his madness and becomes obsessed with the little human songstress. And if Raath is defeated–killed–fairly in a battle, Kavath thinks he can have her.
Will the secret network of people be able to free Raath and Jessica in time, or will Kavath succeed in getting rid of the gladiator and taking the human for himself?

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